View of the Earth from space

A global leader in space 和网络 technology

Viasat is a trusted partner for satellite and wireless systems 发展, 操作, 和网络

Three employees dressed in white lab unforms working on space technology

Drawing on decades of experience to innovate for tomorrow’s challenges

Viasat is an industry-leading source for the design, 发展, 部署, 操作, and 维护 of satellite systems, networking technologies, and wireless communication systems. We design and develop solutions for virtually any application, with numerous satellites using our space-based technologies — and over 100 gateway systems currently installed for some of the most advanced satellite communication networks in the world.

Our capabilities and expertise

Networking technology shown through four ground antennas pointed at the sky

设计, 制造业, 安装, 维护, and 操作 of antennas for LEO, MEO, and 地理 satellite systems

空间 technology demonstrated through a large ground station pointed at the night sky
地面 stations as a service

Viasat Real-Time Earth (RTE) service offers an all-inclusive price for a fully-managed ground network

Truck parked on a dock next to cargo containers and a cargo ship with an airplane flying above

手机天线 for airborne, 土地, and maritime applications delivering superior range and reliable connectivity

Five co-workers discussing space technology at a desk in front of a laptop

Low- or high-volume custom precision solutions for custom antennas

Antenna testing in a lap to enhance networking technology
Antenna testing and support

组件, 组件, and system-level testing and support for complex products such as satellite antennas, 反射镜, 射频电子, 罩体, 和更多的

关闭-up of a hand working on an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for enhanced space technology
亚瑟士 & IP核

Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design services and silicon-proven intellectual property (IP) products, with a focus on optimized solutions

Graphic of two Viasat satellites orbiting in space above the Earth
Intersatellite links

Using small satellites to facilitate satellite-to-satellite communication and enable more efficient use of the radio frequency spectrum

Aerial view of clounds over the ocean

Design and building of satellites as standalone solutions or to complement existing constellations