Plans start at just $50/month

Working professionals using Viasat backup internet during power outage

You need backup internet for your business.

Diverse and resilient secondary connection keeps your business online – no matter what. 

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Viasat can solve your backup internet needs

Viasat internet provides a reliable satellite connection ensuring businesses can stay seamlessly connected to critical operations when primary cable or fiber internet services go down.

Why your business needs backup internet


Continue to run essential applications and keep employees connected if your primary service fails.

Resiliency + redundancy

Stay online when terrestrial internet services are disconnected by outages, 灾害, or local infrastructure issues.


Avoid the hundreds of dollars a minute it can cost when your business internet goes down – with plans that start at just $50/mo.

Why satellite internet for business backup service?

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Outperforms other options

Diversify from land-based connections and get higher speeds (up to 100 Mbps), flexible data options, and more resilience than mobile hotspots.

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Available wherever you do business

Get high-speed backup internet almost anywhere you have an office, site, or location. We cover 99% of the U.S. with broadband speeds.

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Viasat Business Internet is typically installed within 3-5 business days to meet your backup internet needs.

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Every business plan comes with premium features

With Viasat Business Internet, your backup internet will include features like persistent IP addresses and business-class support on all plans. 

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Find the right business backup plan

请致电 1-855-863-6566 for a plan consultation, plan pricing, and details

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Minimum 24-month service term. One-time standard installation fee is $300. Non- standard installations may result in additional charges. Monthly service fee, equipment lease fee, and taxes apply. Speeds are "up to," are not guaranteed and will vary. Service is not available in all areas. All offers may be changed or withdrawn at any time. Viasat, the Viasat logo and the Viasat signal are trademarks of 最好的电竞竞猜app大全公司.